The Genie


Another metaphor that explains how our conscious and subconscious minds work together, is the ‘Genie-in-the-bottle”.  Remember the TV show “I Dream of Jeannie”, or the movie “Aladdin”? The Genie was always very literal in what it does for its Master.  While sitting in a boring meeting and the Master thought, “I wish I was in Hawaii”, the Genie would immediately transport the Master  to Hawaii.  However, that’s not really where the Master wanted to be at that moment, because he needed to be in the meeting. But the Genie is there to do what it believes the Master literally wants. Our subconscious mind is our Genie, it does not make a judgement and think “this is wrong or that is wrong”, or “this isn’t what the Master really wants”.  Our Genie is simply there to do what it has been told to do.  Once the Genie (our subconscious mind) has been re-educated through hypnosis, and accepts new beliefs to be correct and true, it then manifests new behaviors for the Master that work.