My Philosophy


Welcome to a world of possibilities!

You have heard the saying, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”.

Can you picture your life being wonderful in ways you have only imagined?  Free of challenges and issues that keep you back from what you desire and deserve?

That’s what I hope you will do, imagine the possibilities!   Because it can be!

Hypnotherapy is simply a way of allowing each of us to discover, challenge and change what we actually believe is, or is not, a possibility for us.

Our mind is incredibly simple, yet complex at the same time, and is divided into two parts, the conscious and the subconscious.  The mind is our “intelligence” or our “spirit-mind” and it controls and directs everything we do, say and think.  On the other hand, our brain is merely an organ and only acts when our mind gives it directions to do so.

  1. When we take a new belief or thought into our mind, we can choose to accept that belief or thought as true or not true.  
  2. If it is accepted as true (whether it is or not), we allow that belief or thought to pass through our critical factor filter or “gate-keeper” into our subconscious.
  3. Our subconscious then takes that belief and adds emotions.  Using that evaluated information, our subconscious accepts the belief,  or adds emotions and then sometimes creates new behavior.
  4. Every belief or thought we have programmed into our mind becomes part of a “code”.  By using this “code” (belief or thought) our mind sends electrical impulses to the brain telling it what to do, say and think.  The brain then sends electrical impulse messages to our body, which is either a healthy positive message, or the opposite.  We call this behavior.

By the time we are adults, hopefully we have allowed a steady stream of good and positive healthy beliefs and thoughts to be accepted into our subconscious, which let us make good choices, feel empowered, safe, capable, lovable, etc.  However a problem can occur,  if unaware we have allowed negative beliefs and thoughts to come into our subconscious.  

When we are children, our mind is not developed and therefore has no mature experienced filter or “gate-keeper”.  We accept ideas and thoughts from people we trust, experiences we have, and begin to see ourselves and the world around us, in a certain “defined and accepted way”.

As children, when we have an emotionally intense event (ei: being knocked over by a big dog and as a result, become super afraid of all dogs), we store it with a lot of imagination.  As an adult we would not have accepted it as true, but as a child it is perceived to be real and a very big deal.

Many of our fears and phobias, our feelings of being unlovable, not being good enough or smart enough, began when we were children.  The lack of a “mature experienced” filter gives children the ability to use their “open-uncluttered” filter to learn very quickly from all they see, hear and experience.  This also allows for the acceptance of beliefs and thoughts that might not be accurate or true.

For example, if a child is told over and over “You can’t do that”, then that child assumes “I can’t do anything”. With that assumption, the child has coded a message into their subconscious that becomes the child’s program and way of life, even as an adult.  All this has been done by the child’s “open-uncluttered” filter, even without realizing or understanding that it is a strongly held negative belief.

Another example might be a child who doesn’t feel safe in a learning environment, say math, and they associate unpleasantness around math or learning in general.  With their “open-uncluttered” filter, they can grow up with a program of “I am not smart enough”, hating math, school or learning.  As adults with that kind of program, they may want to learn and do well, but all their effort seems futile because of the “I can’t do that” belief or thought in their mind.  This is because the thought, plus the associated emotion and imagination, now held “as true” by the subconscious, has been sent to the brain which then creates the “I can’t do that” emotion and behavior.   

Clinical Hypnotherapy is simply a way for our conscious and subconscious to communicate, to identify incorrect or improper programming (beliefs and thoughts) and create new correct, proper, positive   beliefs and thoughts.  As adults, we have adult perspectives and experiences that we did not have as a child, so we can now “update” our subconscious, thus allowing new positive beliefs and thoughts to be sent to our brain, creating new powerful healthy “positive” emotions and behaviors.

Negative beliefs and thoughts sent from the brain often produce negative energy, and negative energy like fears, illness, sadness, improper behavior and anger are NOT HEALTHY for our bodies.

As adults we wonder why we can’t seem to :_________________________ (you fill in the blank).  It is because we don’t believe on a subconscious level, that we actually can do it.  Our predominant belief and thought, whether positive or negative, will drive our emotion and behavior every time.  Our subconscious does not make a judgment if the belief or thought is good or bad, right or wrong.  It is only there to do and act on, whatever we have “accepted” as correct and true at some previous time in our life.

When I say “YOU CAN CHANGE”, I know it is possible!

As we change our beliefs and thoughts,, we change our life, one belief and thought at a time.