•Saves time and money

•Helps people govern themselves

•Fosters independence and self-sufficiency

•Enables permanent change and improvement

•Allows people to live their lives as they desire and deserve

HYPNOTHERAPY: Teaches new positive mental and emotional skills which are used as new tools to help people of all ages and backgrounds to overcome and be free of:

• Fears and phobias including:

◦Fear of rejection

◦Fear of the unknown

◦Fear of the future, and so forth

◦Separation anxiety and homesickness

• Self-limiting beliefs:

◦Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem Issues – “I’m not good enough”

◦Shut down and eliminate useless mind chatter

◦Eliminate poor study habits

◦Overcome shyness and fear of public speaking

• Debilitating maladaptive behaviors

◦Conquer pornography and self-abuse

◦Eliminate the lack of concentration, direction and focus

◦Weight loss issues

◦Biting your nails


◦Improve motivation

◦Stop releasing negative emotions

◦Improve sleep and stop snoring

◦Smoking and chewing tobacco cessation

◦Gambling and electronic game playing

◦Other OCD, unwanted and damaging time wasting behaviors

• Desensitize emotions from abuse and past traumatic experience

◦Grieving and other unresolved issues such as death of a loved one, divorce, abandonment, etc.

◦Eliminate hopelessness, desperation, despair, feeling stuck and inhibited

• Stress reduction

◦Learn relaxation skills that give rejuvenation to the spirit and the body

◦Overcome psychosomatically induced illnesses caused by emotional stress

• Non-medical solutions for ADD and ADHD

◦Eliminates mind chatter

◦Increase focus and concentration

• Pain Control 

◦Both acute and chronic

◦Painless child birthing

◦Migraine headaches

◦Preparation for surgery

• Relationships

◦Stop “crazy people” from coming into your life and making you miserable

◦Be able to change destructive habits that destroy relationships

◦See the positive and good in each person

◦Stop conflicts and stress within relationships

◦Improve sexual relations and intimacy

◦Eliminate sexual impotency

◦Attract and maintain worthwhile relationships

◦Learn to forgive others and yourself, and to be forgiven

◦Free yourself from fear of rejection, anger, frustration and resentment

• Health and Body

◦Eliminate allergies and immune issues

◦Stop stress that destroy the healthy operation of the entire body

◦Overcome eating disorders (Bulimia, Anorexia)

◦Conquer Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue & other Autoimmune Issues

◦Reduce high blood pressure

◦Promote good health and well-being in all areas of your life

◦Discover your negative mental patterns and how they affect your body and mind