Success Stories

I have done many different therapies over the years. Trying to find something that actually worked. After many other sessions I felt like I understood my problem, but it didn’t feel like it was fixed or better. I was just given tools  to learn to live with the problem. But when I found hypnotherapy everything changed.  Nothing has been as effective or worked as quickly as hypnotherapy. Eltie is phenomenal at what she does! She possesses a professionalism that makes it very easy to process thru the issues. I was able resolved issues I had been struggling with for years with just a few sessions. I would recommend her to anyone!

Michelle W.

I have only worked with Eltie Watson on one occasion (so far, I hope)  and I found her very capable, knowledgeable and helpful. Her voice instilled relaxation and trust like I have never experienced and as a result, the work was very powerful and life changing for me.

Susie H.


First of all, I want you to know that I was a huge skeptic before I saw your work. I was relating hypnotherapy too much to what you see in the stage shows. At our office we provide counseling to children, adolescents, and adults, most of whom have suffered great traumas in their lives. In many cases, the mental health therapies we were using were not helping them overcome their trauma symptoms as quickly as we would like. When you offered to come to our office once a week, although I didn’t have high expectations, I agreed.

I was so surprised at the rapid and amazing results I saw on that first day. My husband had struggled with guilt and extreme sadness due to the death of his son eight years earlier. This was the first thing he chose to work on. In less than a half-hour his sadness was replaced with a sense of peace and acceptance. The guilt was gone and he was able to think of his son without reliving the trauma of his death. This is just one example, but there are many others just as dramatic.

Thank you Dennis, for opening my eyes to a very useful and effective treatment approach. I have changed from a skeptic to a believer and am delighted with the results I have seen with the clients that you worked with as well as the ones that I am now, working with using hypnotherapy. I appreciate your hypnotherapy school and the in-depth training that you give.


Patricia Sutton, CMHC Sutton Clinical Services

Patricia Sutton

Through my service as a Bishop and Stake President the past several years I have counseled with hundreds of people dealing with marital, parental, suicidal, depression, self-esteem, and separation anxiety challenges.  The number of those battling pornography and numerous other addictive behaviors continue to escalate.

My efforts to assist the good people struggling with these difficulties have often included referrals to scores of different counselors and therapists.  Unfortunately, after attending numerous counseling sessions and incurring a great deal of financial expense, a substantial percentage of the individuals referred for counseling have not overcome their problems, are still grappling with their addictions and remain dependent upon their counselors.

After being introduced to Dennis Parker I carefully studied his character and counseling procedures and then began referring people to his practice.  The feedback and results from those I have referred to Dennis, along with many other individuals who have been referred by my fellow church leaders have been superb.  Dennis’ counseling techniques rapidly identify the root problems, teach very effective tools, instill personal accountability and typically resolve the issues in 2 – 4 visits.  His methods are honest, spiritually rooted, fast and economical.  He has assisted those I have referred to preserve their marriages, overcome their emotional challenges and conquer their addictions.  A rapidly growing group of my young men and women are now serving successful LDS missions that would not otherwise have been able to do so without Dennis’ counseling.

I recommend Dennis Parker, without reservation and would be happy to provide additional information regarding my experiences regarding his results to any who would care to contact me.

John Hollingshead, President

Centerville Utah South Stake


John Hollingshead

To Whom It May Concern:

Our clinic, Solace Emotional Health, provides mental health therapy for sexual addiction, marital quality, and ancillary symptoms of depression, anxiety, and trauma.  Our therapeutic approach with these issues consists of 2 layers:  (1) helping the patient develop critical skills to manage emotional surges (rather than being managed by them); and (2) to address the emotional and cognitive undercurrents that often undergird dysfunctional and unwanted behaviors.  However, if a troubling or traumatic experience has been repressed, forgotten, or imbedded deeply into a patient’s subconscious, it can be difficult and very time consuming to identify and dissolve the dilemma.

We have found that Dennis Parker’s hypnotherapy, combined with his unique “Spiritual Mind Management” program, quickly identifies unconscious emotional undercurrents, skillfully desensitizes them, and adds an extra layer of emotional management, that provides confidence and permanence to patient’s recovery efforts.

Recently, Dennis worked with one of our patients that had been diligent in daily recovery efforts for several months, but had not been able to sustain his sexual addiction sobriety for longer than a week.  In just 2 sessions of hypnotherapy, Dennis helped this patient identify a deeply buried issue, desensitized it, and instructed the patient how to better manage unwanted thoughts, memories, and emotions.  To date, this patient has not had a relapse.

Another acquaintance stopped by our clinic, suffering with night terrors and unbearable cravings to relapse (after almost 2 years of sobriety).  She had been given the financial approval for 8 sessions at another agency.  She agreed to meet with Dennis Parker for a session or two, in an attempt to identify a specific issue to work on, thereby accelerating the effectiveness of her pre-approved therapy program.   She had one session with Dennis Parker. In a follow-up phone call, she said, “the nightmares and craving are gone. They haven’t returned.  At this point, I don’t think I will need any more therapy.”

Dennis Parker is skillful, effective, and extremely efficient in his hypnotherapy and “Spiritual Mind-Management” approach.

Dr. Jerry Redd, Ph.D., CMHC

Solace Emotional Health

801-785-8885   801-785-8885

Dr. Jerry Redd

To Whom it May Concern,

I have a son who is 23 and has had A.D.D since he was about 4. He has very impulsive behavior and it appears often that he doesn’t have a thinking brain that knows right from wrong. He’s a very good kid who is very likeable and fun to be around. He is currently in trouble with the law and on probation with 2 DUIs in the last year. He is in debt up to his ears and usually avoids an attempts to resolve the debt.

I heard about Dennis Parker from a friend. I scheduled a visit for my son with Dennis and the very next day he organized all his bills and called the bank to arrange the return of the car that they have been trying to repossess for over 6 months. I had been trying to encourage him to do this for the entire 6 months without success and he did it immediately after one Hypnotherapy session with Dennis.

My son mentioned that he feels that the cloud of fogginess has lifted and he feels so much better. Thank you, Dennis, for the work you do to help others using Spiritual Mind Management.




I have suffered from migraines since my early 20s. About seven years ago they got so bad I had a migraine almost daily for over a year.  I had all of the tests done, MRI, heart bubble study, CT scans etc.; but nothing showed why I was having such bad migraines. I have been on all of the different prophyl- lactic medications for migraines, as well as acute medications for when they hit.  All of the medicines I have taken have had bad side effects, some that I am still dealing with after stopping the medication years ago, and none of them took away my migraines.  I have had to just learn to live with them, and occasionally I’ve been so sick I’ve had to go into the ER for stronger medication.  But even those don’t get rid of my migraines; just help me sleep so it’s duller when I wake up.

Then I started my hypnotherapy with Dennis.  I knew to expect migraines because every time I talked about past emotional problems, it magnified my migraines by at least 10. The second time with Dennis I just mentioned my migraine, so he had us work on that first.  He got rid of my migraine that day, which in and of itself was amazing.  But I haven’t had one since, which is even more amazing!  I haven’t gone this long not only without a headache, but without a migraine, in as long as I can remember!  If this were the only benefit to hypnotherapy, it would’ve been enough, but it’s only a small part of the benefits!  I would recommend this to anyone experiencing pain, emotional problems, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem… basically, you name it, and you can learn to control it!   



I have been fascinated and very excited by the work that I have done with Eltie for the past several months.  This hypnotherapy concept really works!   Her love for what she does and her insights as we have worked together have made all the difference in the progress we have made together.  I feel like I’m getting my life back!   I’m so grateful to have a connection with Eltie.  She is a very special, compassionate healer!


Marti C.

After years of struggling with crippling post traumatic stress disorder caused by childhood abuse, with Eltie’s help I can finally breathe easy.  She has the keys to turn the trauma ‘down’ and the positive emotions “up”.

The change in my life has been nothing short of miraculous.  My emotional traumas hijacked my physical health and well-being.  After years of debilitating chronic pain and immunological problems my sessions with Eltie have helped me relax and let go, giving me the strength to move on and rebuild my health.  It is amazing how, with help from hypnotherapy I am able to find peace, health and excitement in the future.

Our brains are so much more powerful than we know.  Thru hypnotherapy we can tap that power and make our every dream come true.

We don’t need to let our past control us any longer.  We can tap into those hurtful memories and let go of every negative aspect.  Finding power and strength within ourselves to live our lives in space and harmony.

Kim Wall


Childhood Traumas hijacked my health