Childhood Traumas hijacked my health

After years of struggling with crippling post traumatic stress disorder caused by childhood abuse, with Eltie’s help I can finally breathe easy.  She has the keys to turn the trauma ‘down’ and the positive emotions “up”.

The change in my life has been nothing short of miraculous.  My emotional traumas hijacked my physical health and well-being.  After years of debilitating chronic pain and immunological problems my sessions with Eltie have helped me relax and let go, giving me the strength to move on and rebuild my health.  It is amazing how, with help from hypnotherapy I am able to find peace, health and excitement in the future.

Our brains are so much more powerful than we know.  Thru hypnotherapy we can tap that power and make our every dream come true.

We don’t need to let our past control us any longer.  We can tap into those hurtful memories and let go of every negative aspect.  Finding power and strength within ourselves to live our lives in space and harmony.

Kim Wall