To Whom it May Concern,

I have a son who is 23 and has had A.D.D since he was about 4. He has very impulsive behavior and it appears often that he doesn’t have a thinking brain that knows right from wrong. He’s a very good kid who is very likeable and fun to be around. He is currently in trouble with the law and on probation with 2 DUIs in the last year. He is in debt up to his ears and usually avoids an attempts to resolve the debt.

I heard about Dennis Parker from a friend. I scheduled a visit for my son with Dennis and the very next day he organized all his bills and called the bank to arrange the return of the car that they have been trying to repossess for over 6 months. I had been trying to encourage him to do this for the entire 6 months without success and he did it immediately after one Hypnotherapy session with Dennis.

My son mentioned that he feels that the cloud of fogginess has lifted and he feels so much better. Thank you, Dennis, for the work you do to help others using Spiritual Mind Management.