I have suffered from migraines since my early 20s. About seven years ago they got so bad I had a migraine almost daily for over a year.  I had all of the tests done, MRI, heart bubble study, CT scans etc.; but nothing showed why I was having such bad migraines. I have been on all of the different prophyl- lactic medications for migraines, as well as acute medications for when they hit.  All of the medicines I have taken have had bad side effects, some that I am still dealing with after stopping the medication years ago, and none of them took away my migraines.  I have had to just learn to live with them, and occasionally I’ve been so sick I’ve had to go into the ER for stronger medication.  But even those don’t get rid of my migraines; just help me sleep so it’s duller when I wake up.

Then I started my hypnotherapy with Dennis.  I knew to expect migraines because every time I talked about past emotional problems, it magnified my migraines by at least 10. The second time with Dennis I just mentioned my migraine, so he had us work on that first.  He got rid of my migraine that day, which in and of itself was amazing.  But I haven’t had one since, which is even more amazing!  I haven’t gone this long not only without a headache, but without a migraine, in as long as I can remember!  If this were the only benefit to hypnotherapy, it would’ve been enough, but it’s only a small part of the benefits!  I would recommend this to anyone experiencing pain, emotional problems, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem… basically, you name it, and you can learn to control it!